Pet Boarding - Cageless Boarding

All our boarding is cageless boarding.  All animals are allowed to play in a supervised playground with toys and water.

Pet Place offers a great alternative to traditional boarding and we go beyond just meeting a dog or cat’s basic needs.  We offer all our boarding cats and dogs a spacious den for eating and sleeping with a state of the art cooling system that is constantly bringing in fresh air from the outdoors.

Dogs and cats who join our boarding family are allowed to free-reign in our play pen during business hours (8am – 6pm).  For overnight pets, we ensure a freshly cleaned and filled stainless steel water bowl their own toys and treats.  Our purpose is to make your dog or cat comfortable adding allowing them as much fun, free time as possible without wearing them down.

What should you bring before your dog / cat is boarded at Pet Place Miami?

We recommend bringing the following items to make your dog or cat boarding stay with us as enjoyable as possible:

Food - When boarding your dog, we recommend that you bring the food your dog is used to eating so that your dog's diet is not upset while boarding with us.  We feed based on your instructions and handle all special need pets such as refrigerated or micro-waved meals, mixing etc.  Please inform us of the dietary requirements and we will ensure they are met. 

Bedding / Blanket - This is to make your dog or cat feel at home while they are boarding with us.

Medication - We are able to administer all medication as needed on any schedule.  For the hygienic purposes and the protection of our other boarding cats or dogs, we do NOT administer injections.