Dog Grooming

Good looking and healthy dogs all require a professional dog groomer.  Dog grooming can avoid unhealthy matted coats which can hide all kinds of skin conditions and may keep a problem from being noticed. A dull or balding coat may be a sign of specific medical conditions - regular coat inspections via a professional dog groomer may allow you to take notice if there is a change in the dog's coat.

We treat all 5 dog hair types at Pet Place Miami: Smooth Coat, Medium Coat, Long Coat, Wire Hair/Broken Coat, and Wavy Coat.

Advice on Dog Grooming in Miami

A bathing routine is a required part of maintaining a healthy dog here in Miami, FL.  While making sure dogs gets teeth brushing and bathing on a regular basis is important, there are also other necessary requirements in keeping your dog groomed.  Grooming is directly related to health.

A clean dog  with a clean, shiny coat that smells fresh is usually also free from disease and medical problems. Every part of your dog's body should be cleaned to maintain his/her good health.  Since we are located in Miami, our dogs spend most of the time outside therefore it is suggested that they need a bath every 2 weeks.  While some dogs love the water, others hate it. Depending on your dog, bath time is either happy or messy time. For our dogs that do not enjoy baths, we try to help him through the process by talking calmly or singing. The sound of our dog groomers voices usually help to soothe them.  The singing does work!

Nail trimming is also important for dogs.  Nails that are too long put stress on paws by forcing weight onto the back of the pad. Long nails can also scratch skin and furniture.  At Pet Place Miami, we use a nail trimmer specifically designed for dogs.

We find that dogs with a lot of hair, such as poodles, accumulate hair in the ear canal that needs to be removed. Once the hair is removed, we use a use a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to remove any remaining dirt or wax.  We recommend that all dogs whether they have short or long hair have their ears cleaned regularly by a professional dog groomer who will use the cotton ball alcohol solution.