Deep Teeth Cleaning without Sedation

Cleaning your dog’s teeth is important to ensure that infections in the gums do not affect the blood supply and lead to heart disease. Bacteria and gum disease can lead to serious health conditions if the bacteria goes into the blood stream. 

Using general anesthesia for your pet can be dangerous.  Our procedures for deep teeth cleaning do not involve sedation or anesthesia and are natural and work well at treating and elminating tartar and bacteria build up.  This is a safe and cost-effective procedure to ensure your pet stays healthy.

Cost of deep teeth cleaning is $80.00, which is 1/3 of what a veterinarian would charge.  The procedure last for 25-45 minutes.  Appointment is required. 

If your pets teeth look like the picture on the right, you must schedule an appointment.  Do not risk your pet's health. You will be thrilled with the results!