Common Questions Related to Dog or Cat Grooming

How frequently should I take my dog for grooming?

Dog Groomer:
It depends on the breed of your dog, how you want your dog to look / smell and where you live.  A clean animal is a healthier animal.  Too much bathing can dry the skin and strip natural oils. We recommend that short-coated dogs with no existing conditions can go 4 to 6 weeks between baths.  Unless obviously they have rolled around in the mud or gotten extremely dirty.   We recommend that for long coated dogs, professional grooming occur every 3 to 5 weeks in order to avoid mats, which may hide skin conditions.

My dog is shaking his head after he was groomed.  Why is that?

Dog Groomer:
As part of the dog grooming process, here in Pet Place, we clean the ears and pluck hair from the ear opening.  This allows air to flow freely into the ear canal and ensure that it stays dry. After this cleaning, your dog may have a tickling sensation and shaking his head is the dog’s way of responding to the cleaned ear.


Should I take my cat in for grooming?

Cat Groomer:
Even though cats do a great job at grooming themselves by licking and stroking there are many reasons taking your cat into a professional groomer.  Long haired cats get mats which require professional brushing.  In these cases brushing alone is not enough and the cat has to be tied for comfort. Some cats get fleas therefore a professional cleaning is required. Moreover, since long haired cats are prone to hair build from self-grooming – a professional brushing can remove these hair balls.


Can Pet Place remove fleas / ticks from my pet?

Dog / Cat Groomer:
Ticks are removed with tweezers. If fleas are present, the pet is examined with a flea comb.  We use an organic and chemical free flea/tick shampoo which is designed to remove any fleas or ticks. We recommend that all our clients who bring their pets in with fleas or ticks then vacuum their home, bedding, car etc. in order to remove any eggs waiting to reclaim your pet.


My pets hair is matted and tangled and it seems to hurt him.  What can I do?

 Dog / Cat Groomer:

Mats and tangles are more common in longer hair breeds with fine hair, but they do occur in all dogs sometimes.  Regular brushing is needed to prevent mats – however, once you notice a mat or tangle, a bath will only make the tangle or mat worse.  Please do not bathe your pet in this situation.  At Pet Place, we have a professionally trained staff to save your Pets Coat from this stress and trauma. 


I just bought a puppy. When should I get him groomed?

 Dog Groomer:
As professional groomers in Miami, we live up to the Professional Instiutute of Dog Groomer Standards which dicatate that a puppy should not be groomed prior to completion of initial vaccinations – which is usually about 16 weeks old.