Cat Grooming

There are a few cats that naturally have great hair – and much of it has to do with grooming. Even though cats take care of themselves well by licking fur and keeping tidy they still need some help from their human pals.

Long Hair or Short Hair Cat 

When you see a long hair persian cat with a great flock of hair, you can be sure that it took hours of professional grooming to achieve that look. The more hair your cat has, the more would be required to take care and maintain it.  Thick tangles can be painful and tear a cat's skin if the mats get bad enough.

Short haired cats require grooming also.  Their shorter outer coat does require maintenance though not as much as with a long, silky coat. A shorthair cat is constantly grooming can do a lot to make up for an owner who may not spend that much time grooming it! But professional grooming is a requirement for both longhair and shorthair cats – both for aestetic and health reasons.

Why use a professional cat groomer?

There are three main areas where PetPlace can help your cat have a healthier life: claw clipping, brushing and bathing. 
Since longhair cats require regular grooming the advantages of a professional groomer are training, skill, and experience. A great groomer work your cat's hair coat to look marvelous quickly and humanely, with a minimum amount of trauma. Bad mats and tangles can be treated at home – however if you have done this in the past, you run the risk of injuring your cat or causing a traumatic event. Grooming problems are best left to the professionals.

At PetPlace in Miami, we only use metal combs  which are sturdy stainless-steel with wide-set, round teeth.  These brushes have bristles that look like many bent nails (similar to a cats toungue) for the purpose in grooming. All of our cats enjoy the sensation of the brush and the metal comb – unless there is a tangle or mat!.

We also have the latest cat grooming flea combs avaiable, which come in handy if your cat is used to being outdoors.  This is particularly important in Miami since we have a year-round flea climate.  Our professional flea combs are similar to metal combs but with fine teeth which are used for regular grooming.

Advice on Cat Grooming

Here are a few tips you can use at home to maintain your cats new fresh coat of hair:

Since everyone knows most cats hate water - a bath may make them upset. Trying to give a cat a bath at the wrong time can be a traumatic experience.
We recommend grooming a cat while it is still sleepy. While your cat is sleepy, it'll be more agreeable to grooming than if it's alert and playful.

Have fun: Cats love being carressed and enjoy the feeling of grooming. It's normal social behavior and when it's time for grooming, approach your cat in a calm assertive way using grooming strokes with some regular love and caress.

Restraint is OK!  It's okay to hold down your cat – gently of course! Make sure your cat doesn’t not start to panic so make sure to restrain yourself also. A panic may occur if you force your cat to sit still in an awkward position for too much time. Do not get too rough or hard with your strokes.